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10 Gallon Electric Still

10 Gallon Electric Still

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More efficient than our smaller units thanks to its two stage column. Our 10 gallon is for those who desire efficiency with a small footprint.

TIG (Tungston Inert Gas) welded by master craftsmen right here at the factory in Toledo, WA, USA .

Hand welded heavy duty copper, with through fittings silver soldered. Fittings are brass. All materials are food grade.

Made of 32oz, (.043 inches) to 48oz. (.064 inches) thick solid copper.

Each still is pressure tested before packaging.

Capable of producing from1.66 to 3.75 gallons depending on desired proof. 

Can produce between 40 and 185 proof (20% to 92.5% pure) alcohol or better in a single distillation run.

Propane, natural gas and wood fired heat sources are available upon request.

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  • Two stage, water cooled column with an internal condenser and a sealed alcohol cooler

  • 2 High Quality, Calibratable Stainless Steel Thermometers

  • 240V 3,000w or 120V 2,000w Heating unit with thermostat. Please select your preference from drop down menu. 240V 3,000w is recommended.

  • Instruction manual and recipe, yeast, and alcohol and fermentation testing instruments and beakers.

  • Runs as a non-pressurized vessel. Includes a safety valve to prevent pressurization.

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Free shipping