Free Shipping on All Alcohol Stills. Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

Included With Our Stills

All Columbia Copper Works (CCW) stills are sold complete with the following included:

  • A complete manual with assembly instructions, as well as fermentation and operating instructions.

  • All alcohol and fermentation testing instruments needed.

  • Distillers Yeast.

  • Calibratable Stainless Steel Thermometer(s)

  • Heating source with Thermostat (unless otherwise specified)

  • 1 P.S.I. Safety Relief Valve. CCW stills are NOT pressure vessels, and under normal use have less than 1 P.S.I. inside.

Columbia Copper Works has 5, 10 and 25-gallon stills in stock (and available for immediate shipping) on a regular basis. In addition to having the capability to build nearly any custom distillery with unique specifications, almost all units are also available in propane and natural gas as an option.  Please contact us for further information. Distilleries can be made of copper, steel (for non-potable uses only), and stainless steel.

While highly polished copper stills are the most beautiful and traditional-looking of all stills, copper is prone to tarnishing from the oils and acids that naturally occurs with handling. Therefore, CCW provides a pair of white cotton gloves with each distillery to help preserve the factory polish if the still will be on display. A can of copper polish is provided with each still to fix natural tarnish from moisture and the distillation process. Optional offers include a high temperature clear coat to prevent tarnish and the need to re-polish the still. The clear coat process does reduce the high gloss polish slightly, but the still will keep most of its beautiful luster. 

Please CONTACT US to discuss custom designs and production plans.