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Alcohol Production Yields & Distilling Guidelines


the first run of the still will be used solely to clean any manufacturing contaminants from the inside of the still. Once cleaned and prepared for producing consumption grade product, any liquid distilled during the first run MUST be discarded.

>CCW stills come with a safety relief valve< . This valve will open, allowing steam to escape from the still. The deflector cap must be pointed so that the steam releases away from the operator and must be checked before every run.



The advantage of a CCW still is you are buying a turn-key, ready-to-distill piece of equipment that has been tried and tested for decades. The Walstad family has been building and operating stills for nearly 100 years and provides a lifetime warranty. That gives a great peace of mind when buying a piece of equipment intended to create a consumable product.

When strict application of the CCW guidelines is implemented, the process and product will be safe, eco-friendly and a sustainable artisan practice for the distiller.

It is very necessary to read the instruction manual that comes with each still thoroughly, especially all warnings. Much thought and many hours were put into writing this book, and the warnings are not simply "lawyerese", but real, serious warnings that have been established and passed down by generations of distilling experience.

Take extra precaution to utilize a clean and dry environment for all size distilleries. When distilling consumer grade alcohol, the brewed batch must be separated into three parts. The center, or "heart" of the batch is free from contaminants and is to be strained and bottled. The top and bottom portions of the batch are separated and redistilled due to contaminants such as fusel oils and distillate. X POISON X

CAUTION ADVISORY: if this is done improperly, there is a very real risk of allowing poisonous contaminants into the still and alcohol. Even when properly assembled, many of the plans and kits on the market are untested designs.


  • 10 gallons of 15% ABV Beer = 60% ABV of 2.5 Gallons

  • 10 gallons of 15% ABV Beer = 70% ABV of 2.14 Gallons

  • 10 gallons of 15% ABV Beer = 80% ABV of 1.875 Gallons

  • 10 gallons of 15% ABV Beer = 90% ABV of 1.66 Gallons

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