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Alternative Bio Fuel Guide

Alcohol fuel is a clean, green alternative to fossil fuels. It provides a way to be free of dependence on oil companies.  Alcohol fuel is made from many sources of starch, sugar, water and yeast.

With the possibility of being brewed in micro batches distilled by eco-conscious citizens, or in large distilleries producing millions of gallons per year, alcohol fuel is a permanent and sustainable solution for fueling a variety of things, such as:

  • Transportation- cars, trucks
  • Business- farm equipment, generators
  • Household- lamps, furnaces.

In addition, alcohol flames are water extinguishable.  This makes alcohol a well-suited heat and light source for marine use (i.e.: lamps, furnaces and cook stoves).

For those that wish to live without adding to the pollution of our environment, alcohol fuel is the answer.