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Distilling Water

Water distillation is a very simple process. You heat the water until it boils and all toxins are left behind. Distilling is very efficient because it removes the water from any contaminants while other purification systems remove the contaminants from the water. You might wonder what’s the difference between those said in the previous sentence. 
Oh well, if you heat water the boil will kill any bacteria, but will not remove all contaminants, while in the distillation process the boiling kills the bacteria, the steam rises and leaves behind all contaminants. After that the steam will cool down and return to water. As simple as that!

Oh, and you won’t need to have your water tested. It’s the only purification system that removes from the water bacteria, pesticides and even radioactive elements. You can distill water from the lake, river or even swimming pool.

The only disadvantage – because yes, there is one – is that it takes a while to distill it, but it will be totally worth your time."