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Custom Designs

CCW is able to build nearly any custom distillery for your needs and to your specifications. Special orders for propane and natural gas heated units in lieu of electric are offered.  These alternative designs can be made of copper, steel (for non-potable uses only), and stainless steel. Columbia Copper Works is continually working on improving our existing line of distilleries, along with creating new designs. 

When ordering a still, please keep in mind the size indicates the amount of pre-distilled liquid that the still will hold, not the amount of finished product that it will produce. The 5 gallon holds 5 gallons of wine, beer, or other liquid. The 10 gallon holds 10 gallons of liquid, etc. The actual amount of alcohol produced by each unit depends on the alcohol content in the beer or wine being distilled. Generally this will be between and 10% and 18%. Instruments for measuring alcohol content are provided with each unit.

Standard units are designed for use with strained liquids only and are self-cleaning under normal conditions. Stills with removable tops for easy cleaning are currently available, as well as several other styles that are intended for use with non-strained liquids, mashes, as well as semi-solid materials. The CCW standard still is not designed for acids, cleaners, or chemicals.

We can make from 1 gallon to 1,000 gallon units, in 12 different sizes. We can also make custom sizes and distillation plants of over 2 million gallons a year

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