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About Us

Columbia Copper Works is operated by Trevor Walstad, a craftsman with deep roots in the distilling industry. The Walstad family has four generations of personal experience in building and refining distilleries and making alcohol products.  J.W. Walstad, a renowned pioneer and leader in the alcohol industry recently retired and is succeeded by his son, Trevor W. Walstad. 

J.W. Walstad's experience in the alcohol industry began at age 7 when he, his father and grandfather taught him how to make moonshine. He gained notoriety in the 1970s and 1980s for pioneering the alcohol industry in the United States, being instrumental in changing the laws in Washington state to allow legal alcohol fuel production. J.W. was thrust into the national spotlight because of his efforts in legalizing alcohol production for the average citizen, including being featured in many television, radio and news articles and shows.

There is often some confusion with the meaning of the word "distillery". For nearly 100 years the Walstad family has referred to the still itself as a "distillery". However, many people today incorrectly believe the word "distillery" includes the still, support equipment and building as a whole. This is a modern usage, and the CCW website refers to our stills as a "distillery" in the older, more appropriate manner.

The Columbia Copper Works company is a family company, with four generations of experience. When J.W. Walstad retired he was succeeded by his son, Trevor Walstad. Like his father, Trevor learned about stills from a young age. He was taught from age 8 every aspect of distilling, distillery design and manufacturing.

Today Columbia Copper Works is a family owned business built on the hopes and dreams of the pioneers of the American distillery industry. CCW takes pride in providing every customer with the highest quality service and products available on the market.